It was a visit by Mary Jose to New England in the Fall, famous for its flaming colours, which finally precipitated a long-contemplated move into oil painting. The initial inspiration was landscape but she very quickly turned to abstraction: a style which came quite spontaneously when she expressed herself honestly and with abandon. Oil painting has become a true passion; on the one hand for the material itself, its colours, textures and the whole range of possibilities from transparency to the impasto of knife painting, and on the other hand its capacity to express the essential elements which have coloured her life: light, the harmony of Nature, the successive layers that make up human life and the interdependence of everything.

Oils 2011 -2013

Oils 2008 - 2010

Oils before 2008

Desert Series 2011 – 2014

Each painting is inspired by a poem which was itself inspired by the desert.

'I, the Desert’ by Professor Assad Ali - 100 x 100 cm. (Sold) 'To the Desert’ by Benjamin Alire Sáenz (U.S.A) - 100 x 100cm ‘Monument Valley’ by George Bradley  (U.S.A.) - 100 x 100cm. (Sold) Landscapes’ by Andrée Chedid - (Lebanon and France) - 120 x 100 cm ‘Like a Desert Flower’ by Parween Faiz Zadah Malaal (Afghanistan) - 100 x 100 cm ‘El Desierto’ (first verse) by Pablo Neruda (Chile) - 90 x 130 cm ‘El Desierto’(second verse) by Pablo Neruda (Chile) - 100 x 120 cm. ‘Desert Dreams’ by Thuraya Al Arrayed (Saudi Arabia) - Oil on Canvas 90 x 130 cm ‘The Desert’ by Al-Munsif al-Wahaybi (Tunisia) - 100 x 100 cm ‘Final Woes’ by Ibrahim al-Mullah (United Arab Emirates) - 110 x 90 cm ‘The Time’ by Adonis (Syria) - 90 x 130cm. ‘The Tale of the Assyrian Statue’ by Mahmoud al-Buraikan (Iraq) - 110 x 90 cm ‘Children of the Sun and Wind’ by Mohammed Ebnu (Western Sahara) - 100 x 100 cm ‘Sleep in the Mohave Desert’ by Sylvia Plath (USA) - 100 x 80 cm ‘Many a Windswept Desert’ by al-Shanfara (Arabia 6th century) - 50 x 100 cm  ‘Finding Peaches in the Desert’ by Pamela Uschuk (USA) - 100 x 100 cm. (Sold)  ‘Desert’ by Richard Shelton (USA) - 110 x 80 cm ‘Can Someone Bring Me My Entire Being?’ by Noshi Gilani (Pakistan) - 81 x 116 cm ‘The Poet in the Desert’ by Charles Erskine Scott Wood (USA) - 100 x 100 cm ‘Road Past the View’ by Christopher Buckley (USA) - 80 x 80 cm ‘Oh, Desert’ by Ghazi Al Ghosaibi (Saudi Arabia) - 100 x 100 cm ‘A Tent in the Desert’ by Richard Blanch (USA) - 100 x 80 cm ‘Death of the Atacama Desert’ by Marjorie Agosín (Chile) -  80 x 110 cm ‘Petra’ by Dean Burgon (Britain) - 100 x 80 cm ‘Only the Night Was a Canvas’ by Marjorie Agosín (Chile) - 100 x 80 cm ‘St. Juan’s Day’ by Richard Shelton (USA) - 80 x 80 cm ‘All That We Have’ by Khalid Albudoor (Dubai) - 100 x 100 cm. (Sold) ‘The Torrents’ by Labid Ibn Rabi’a (Arabia 6th Century) - 120 x 100 cm ‘Mi Madre’ by Pat Mora (USA) - 80 x 100 cm ‘The Clothing of the Heart’ by Michael Burkard - 130 x 90 ‘Karoo Mediterranean’ by Geoffrey Haresnape (South Africa) - 80 x 80 cm ‘High Desert’ by Ursula K. Le Guin (USA) - 110 x 80 cm ‘What the Thunder Said’ by T S Eliot (USA) - 130 x 100 cm ‘The Longing’ by Nima Ismail Nawwab (Saudi Arabia) - 120 x 100 cm ‘We the Pilgrims of the Desert’ by Marlena Braester (USA) - 120 x 100 cm ‘Unknown Bedouins’ by Khalid Albudoor (Dubai) - 80 x 110 cm ‘This Wind’ by Penny Drysdale (Australia) - 90 x 130 cm ‘Singing the Snake’ by Billy Marshall Stoneking (Australia) - 130 x 100 cm ‘The Desert Has Many Teachings’ by Mechthild of Magdeburg - 70 x 100 cm ‘The Second Coming’ by William Butler Yeats (Ireland) - 90 x 130 cm ‘Decay’ by Nadia Tuéni (Lebanon) - 100 x 130 cm ‘The Desert Knows Me’ by al-Mutanabbi (Arabia) - 50 x 100 cm ‘Open Calendars’ by Marjorie Agosín (Chile) - 90 x 130 cm ‘Broken Vessel’ by Harry Thurston (Canada) -  80 x 80 cm ‘Ozymandius’ by Percy Bysshe Shelley (Britain) - 90 x 130 cm  ‘Australia’ by A.D.Hope (Australia) - 80 x 80 cm  ‘In the Arab Maghreb’ by Badre Shakir al-Sayyib (Iraq) - 80 x 120 cm  ‘My Desert Ends Here’ by Ramzy Baroud (Gaza) - 130 x 100 cm

Richard Dron