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New and recent exhibitions

Below are the details of recent and upcoming Mary Jose exhibitions.

‘I, The Desert’

Sunday the 16th September until December 2018

‘I, The Desert’ an exhibition of oil paintings from the Desert Series. St Hugh’s College, Oxford University.

7th Watercolour Biennale of Rochemaure

7th to 15th July 2018

Mary Jose was invited to exhibit at the 7th. Watercolour Biennale of Rochemaure held every 2 years at the Château de Joviac, 07400 Rochemaure, France. During this well attended exhibition she gave a demonstration of her watercolour technique as part of the event.

Past exhibitions

2015 ‘Rendez-vous des Arts’ Mosset, France.
2013 Illustrations (drawn in 1993) for book ‘Blackbirds Baked in a Pie’ by Eugene Barter, published by Sunpenny Publishing Ltd. UK. March 1st. 2013.
2011 ‘Aquarelles’ Salle de Fête, Codalet, France.
2011 Le Relais des Chartreuses, Le Boulou, France. Solo watercolour.
2010 ‘Three Artists’ with Jennifer Lussmann and Annie Taylor. Oils. The Abbey of St. Michel de Cuxa, Pyrénées Orientales, France.
2004 Sant Roch Gallery, Céret, France. Solo exhibition of watercolours.
2004 ‘An Oriental Journey’. Solo watercolour exhibition. Galerie de l’Olympe, Perpignan, France.
2004 ‘World of Watercolour’ Annual Fair, Piccadilly, London.
2002 ‘Les Rencontres de l’Architecture’ by invitation of the Order of Architects of Languedoc- Roussillon. Fontfroide Abbey, Narbonne, France.
2002 Summer Exhibition. Salle Martin Vivès, Latour de France.
2001 ‘The Mediterranean’. Galerie de l’Olympe, Perpignan, France
2001 ‘The Spirit of Canigou’. Solo exhibition of watercolours. Abbey of St. Michel de Cuxa, Pyrénées Orientales, France.
2000 International Salon of the Plastic Arts, Prades, France.
1998 ‘Watercolours of Prague’. Solo exhibition. Northwood, London.
1997 ‘Summer Exhibition’. Wykeham Galleries, Stockbridge, UK.
1997 ‘Watercolour Abroad’. Solo exhibition. Gallery of the University Institute, Guildford, UK.
1996 ‘Watercolours of India’. Solo exhibition. Gallery of the University of Surrey, UK.
1996 ‘The World of Watercolour’ Annual Fair, Piccadilly, London
1995 ‘The World of Watercolours’ Annual Fair, Piccadilly, London. With the Bourne Gallery.
1995 ‘Three Painters’ with Wendy Jelbert and Tony Brummell Smith. Bourne Gallery, Reigate, Surrey, UK.
1993 Closing Exhibition, Reid Gallery, Milford, Surrey.
1992 ‘Watercolours’ Solo exhibition, Reid Gallery, Milford, Surrey, UK.
1989 Annual Exhibition of the Watercolour Society of South Africa, Johannesburg. Award – ‘Pick of the Crop’.
1988 ‘Jordan in Watercolour’. Solo exhibition, Nuha Batchone Gallery, Intercontinental Hotel, Amman, Jordan.
1985 ‘Qatar in Watercolour’. Solo exhibition, Gulf Hotel, Doha.
1997 ‘Watercolours of Curaçao’. The Gallery, Curaçao, the Netherlands Antilles. Solo exhibition.
1976 ‘Two Artists’ with Nargis Khalid, Intercontinental Hotel, Dubai.
1975 Inaugural Exhibition of the Art Society of Dubai.